[LLVMdev] Code ownership proposal

Nadav Rotem nrotem at apple.com
Thu Nov 15 14:14:11 PST 2012

I'll do it. 


On Nov 15, 2012, at 1:23 PM, Chris Lattner <clattner at apple.com> wrote:

> On Nov 15, 2012, at 11:52 AM, Hal Finkel <hfinkel at anl.gov> wrote:
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>>> From: "Michael Gottesman" <mgottesman at apple.com>
>>> To: "Chris Lattner" <clattner at apple.com>
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>>> Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2012 12:59:18 PM
>>> Subject: Re: [LLVMdev] Code ownership proposal
>>> I would like to nominate Nadav Rotem for the x86 backend.
>> Michael has indeed been doing good work over the last few months, nevertheless, I think that Nadav is presently a better choice. Especially considering that Michael will be unavailable for the next couple of weeks, it does not make sense for him to be declared code owner through the 3.2 release. As 3.3 approaches, Michael will have more experience (and more availability), and he can ask for a change.
> If Nadav is willing to do it, then I agree that this would be the right choice.  Nadav?
> -Chris

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