[LLVMdev] Project Release Branches

John Criswell criswell at illinois.edu
Mon Nov 12 11:26:28 PST 2012

Dear Pawel and All,

Pawel (and other release managers), can you ask the project maintainers 
for each project whether they want a release branch before creating it 
next time?  Alternatively, can you leave branch creation up to the 
project maintainers as in the past?

Pawel, you created a release_32 branch of SAFECode last night without my 
consultation.  That commit itself is fine since we just happen to be 
tracking LLVM mainline right now; I'll just tell SAFECode developers to 
move development to the release_32 branch. However, in general, you 
can't assume that SAFECode mainline is tracking LLVM mainline; if you 
do, and we're not, you may fork a release branch before all changes to 
the previous release branch have been folded back into mainline.


-- John T.

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