Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Sat Nov 10 02:13:35 PST 2012

Hi Arvind,

> I have istalled LLVM 3.1 Release+Asserts build. I was just trying out the hello
> world sequence of steps in the installation instructions. However when I run lli
> or llvm-dis I get an error "invalid MODULE_CODE_GLOBALVAR record".

sounds like a version mismatch.  Are you sure that lli and llvm-dis are from the
same version as generated the bitcode?

Ciao, Duncan.

> I have searched the web and I am not able to fathom what the problem and its fix
> is. I have GCC 4.6.3 running on a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x86-64.
> Please let me know what the fix is.
> I also tried installing the Debug+Asserts build from the svn. It generates an
> error while installing.
> Thanks in advance,
> Arvind
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