[LLVMdev] llvm-? new mailing list?

Nick Lewycky nicholas at mxc.ca
Mon Jun 4 22:54:40 PDT 2012

Tanya Lattner wrote:
> LLVMers,
> Traffic on llvm-dev is quite high and while the majority of it is LLVM development related, there are many other mails related to clients or other projects.
> Having an llvm-users doesn't make any sense, but perhaps having a llvm-clients or llvm-general mailing list may help offload some of the traffic.
> What do people think? Any other suggestions to divide up the traffic and reach the right people?

My concern is that people who need help won't reach the developers who 
could help them. As such, I think the single-ML situation is best, but 
could be convinced otherwise.


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