[LLVMdev] llvm-gcc compilation and ConstantArray::getAsString

Jean-Daniel Dupas devlists at shadowlab.org
Fri Feb 17 07:56:29 PST 2012

Le 17 févr. 2012 à 16:22, Giovanni [dacav] Simoni a écrit :

> Hello there
> I'm trying to compile llvm-gcc, but the compilation fails. This is due to
> the fact that the ConstantArray class does no longer have the getAsString
> method.
> It has been actually removed on Jan 31 (commit
> 6a89228faca4b30c4abc29b5dec98bdac011ea4c).
> Is there a patch for llvm-gcc which overcomes this problem? I've just
> svn-updated my working copy but it didn't change anything.

llvm-gcc is obsolete and not maintained for some time now.
please, switch to clang or dragon-egg.

-- Jean-Daniel

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