[LLVMdev] Hello + Noobish question

Giovanni [dacav] Simoni simgidacav at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 03:17:08 PST 2012

Hi everyone!

I recently subscribed your mailing list, as I find the LLVM project
interesting. I've read the document known as "Compiler hacker's
introduction to LLV"[1], and I've learnt about LLVM-IR.

I was wondering about the impact of such a representation on mixing code
from different languages.

Suppose we have a huge library X written in language LX, which we would be
able to use from our program Y written in language LY. If both LX and LY
are supported by LLVM would that be difficult?


[1] http://www.aosabook.org/en/llvm.html

    Giovanni [dacav] Simoni
    <giovanni.simoni at roundhousecode.com>
    <simgidacav at gmail.com>

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