[LLVMdev] register allocation

Binglin Chang decstery at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 10:13:41 PST 2012

I am a LLVM newbie, I have read some tutorials of LLVM, and play with some
I am developing a Hadoop native runtime, it has C++ APIs and libraries,
what I want to do is to compile Hive's logical query plan directly to LLVM
IR or translate Hive's physical query plan to LLVM IR, then run on the
Hadoop native runtime. As far as I know, Google's tenzing does similar
things, and a few research papers mention this technique, but they don't
give details.
Does translate physical query plan directly to LLVM IR reasonable, or
better using some part of clang library?
I need some advice to go on, like where can I find similar projects or
examples, or which part of code to start to read?


Binglin Chang
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