[LLVMdev] Targetting the raspberry pi

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Sun Dec 30 06:31:23 PST 2012

Op 30-12-2012 11:57, David Chisnall schreef:
> It depends, of course, what operating system you have installed on
> the
RPi, but given that it's an ARM1176JZFS (ARMv6) chip, I would expect to
see armv6, not armv4t, in the CPU part of the triple. It has a VFP unit,
so I'd assume that you'd want to set hardfp (unless you installed an OS
that doesn't support hardfp in its standard library), but if ld is
complaining then you almost certainly have a mismatch.

The folks on irc just helped me. The triple that works for Raspbian 
(with hard floats):

I passed the following in the cpu:

and manually set hard-float, then ld worked (I didn't test floats, but 
i'm presuming that works). Thanks for the help,

Carlo Kok

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