[LLVMdev] verification methods for correctness of a compiler

Jyoti jyoti.yalamanchili at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 00:44:02 PST 2012


Are there any translation validation tools available to check
the correctness of a compiler after each stage, or any tool to check
the correction of translation after some particular stage like AST  or .ll
generation or after optimization ? I would like to know if any of those are
being used in clang's development and if any such tools exist in first
place. I have come across certain papers explaining about "CoVaC: Compiler
Validation by Program Analysis of the cross-product" which explains how it
can be achieved, however source code or tools aren't available. As far as i
know, till date the best ways to validate any compiler is by running a host
of regression test suites explicitly hand written to verify language
compliance, various types of optimization so on and so forth. Just
wondering if i am missing something relevant that's out there.

Thanks in advance.
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