[LLVMdev] Heads up -- take two for renaming VMCore -> IR

Chandler Carruth chandlerc at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 13:24:58 PST 2012

Hello folks,

Now that the includes are sortable and I have another chunk of free time,
I'll be making another attempt at the mass renaming from VMCore to IR for

I'm also planning to move the header files currently in the top level for
LLVM down into the appropriate subdirectory. I'll create an IR directory
for the headers that really belong to that library component. However, I'm
going to look at each header, and if I can either lift it into Support, or
sink it all the way into Analysis or some other lower library, I will do
that. I'll move each header one at a time so that folks can chime in on the
review thread if there are questions / concerns about the layering here.

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