[LLVMdev] IR Editor Plugin for Eclipse

Mishne, Alon alon.mishne at intel.com
Wed Dec 19 01:05:55 PST 2012


I've written an Eclipse plugin which adds an .ll file editor to Eclipse. It elevates the language support to nearly the same level that other programming languages enjoy under the Eclipse IDE, so it can be useful for anyone who manually reads or writes IR. Primary features are:

* Syntax coloring which can deal with arbitrarily complex types (unlike what most other editors offer)
* Context-aware content completion
* Hovering over values, basic blocks and user-defined types shows their definition
* ... and more, see attached PDF for a full feature list with screenshots

It still has some bugs and there's a lot of room for improvement (e.g. adding type checking), but it is already usable and - in my opinion - a decent option if you want to edit IR by hand. I plan on releasing it to open-source, and I was wondering whether it's appropriate to commit it under utils/, next to other editor plugins. Thoughts?

- Alon

Intel Israel (74) Limited

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