[LLVMdev] LLVM ERROR: ran out of registers during register allocation

Borja Ferrer borja.ferav at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 08:44:36 PST 2012

Hello Jakob,

> Those are some severe constraints on register allocation, but it ought to
> be possible anyway.

Indeed, these constraints aren't playing very well with the register
allocator :\

> You may wan't to investigate how RAGreedy::canEvictInterference() is
> behaving.

Ok, this is what I've noticed, not sure if it makes sense at all but,
regalloc fails with the following sequence:

1) directly assign the physreg in PTR RC to a virtX.
2) for a virtY which also belongs to the PTR RC, try to evict: call
canEvictInterference() for virtY which interferes with virtX, returns true.
evict and unassign virtX and assign physreg to virtY.
3) for a virtZ which also belongs to the PTR RC, try to evict: call
canEvictInterference() for virtZ which interferes with virtY, both
VirtReg.isSpillable() and Intf->isSpillable() return false, can't evict,
wait for a second round and queue new interval.
4) do some work unrelated to these vregs.
5) when selectOrSplit is called again for virtZ it falls through down to
the return ~0u line and fails.

This issue can be very easily reproduced with the Thumb2 target by doing
the following few changes:

1) declare a PTRRC regclass in ARMRegisterInfo.td with only one physreg:
def PTRRC : RegisterClass<"ARM", [i32], 32, (add R6)>;

2) modify the RC used in the addr_offset_none addressing mode in
ARMInstrInfo.td around line 947 to:
  let MIOperandInfo = (ops PTRRC:$base);
(this is used by the t2LDR_POST instruction)

3) and likewise modify the t2addrmode_imm12 addressing mode in
ARMInstrThumb2.td around line 151 to:
let MIOperandInfo = (ops PTRRC:$base, i32imm:$offsimm);
(used by the load/store instructions)

then compile with -O3 and done :)

In addition, I've attached the debugging info generated by the regalloc for
the Thumb2 target. The main difference of the debug output using my target
is that I didn't get any spill code like Thumb2 has, probably because i
have far more free regs available.

Thanks for your help.
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