[LLVMdev] Getting rid of tabs in LLVM's assembly output?

Eli Bendersky eliben at google.com
Tue Dec 18 13:01:54 PST 2012

On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 11:36 AM, Caldarale, Charles R
<Chuck.Caldarale at unisys.com> wrote:
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>> Subject: [LLVMdev] Getting rid of tabs in LLVM's assembly output?
>> Problem: I then get tabs in my tests, which are discouraged by LLVM's
>> own code standards, because assembly output uses tabs extensively.
>> Proposal: get rid of tabs by just replacing them with two spaces everywhere.
> That will cause some really ugly output; can a somewhat more intelligent formatter be used to keep columns aligned?

Here's how some random output currently looks in a 2-space-per-tab editor:

  cmpl  $0, -28(%rbp)
  je  .LBB2_9
  movsbl  -81(%rbp), %eax
  movq  -16(%rbp), %rcx
  movb  56(%rcx), %dl
  andb  $1, %dl
  movzbl  %dl, %esi

So if you're worried about ugliness, it's already there :-)


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