[LLVMdev] [ANN] CGO Tutorial on MCLinker and LLVM 2013 - Call for Participation

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It is a great further step for MC layer to have MCLinker as one of
family members and thank you.

2012/12/14 êífÈÎ (Wei-Ren Chen) <chenwj at iis.sinica.edu.tw>:
> Dear LLVM user and developer,
>   We get a chance to give a tutorial on LLVM and MCLinker. The tutorial will
> be co-located with CGO 2013 on Feb. 24 (Sunday morning) in Shenzhen, China.
> If you are also interesting in these topics, welcome to join the tutorial!
>   Here is a website of the tutorial: http://code.google.com/p/mclinker/
>   We're also looking for additional presenters to share a section about
> LLVM target backend or IR. If you have any thought, please don't hesitate
> to let me know.
>  Here is the detail of the tutorial:
> ==== Abstract =====
>   The tutorial targets both researchers and students who are interested in
> using LLVM and MCLinker. This tutorial provides a detailed look at LLVM
> and MCLinker, esp., how to use them and how they work together.
> ==== About MCLinker and LLVM ====
>   Generating a program from source code can be simply separated into two
> processes - compilation and linking.
>   LLVM is a compiler infrastructure that is designed for optimizing
> programs in all stages of compilation, from source code to relocatable
> objects. It is an integral part of Apple's development tools. It's also
> the core of several modern languages and compilers, such as Android
> Renderscript and many OpenCL JIT compilers.
>   MCLinker is a toolchain infrastructure for optimizing programs in all
> stages of linking, from relocatable objects to executable programs. It
> is one of the standard linker in Google Android system since Jelly Bean.
> MCLinker, designed for on-device linking, is the fastest and smallest
> linker in the open-source area.
>   Combining LLVM and MCLinker, we have a versatile tool, or say a Swiss
> army knife. For example, compiler developers can fully control all
> stages of compilation and linking of a program. The other example,
> virtual machine developers can easily leverage operating system's
> loader. They do not need to handle with all details of linking and
> loading any more.
> ==== Tutorial Topics ====
>   A summary of topics to be covered:
>     - the architecture of MCLinker and LLVM,
>     - the details of intermediate representations of MCLinker and LLVM,
>       and
>     - the interaction between MCLinker and LLVM
> ==== Target Audience ====
>   - Compiler developers
>   - Virtual machine developers
>   - Researchers in compiler theory and practice, especially those are
>     interested in ahead-of-time compilation
>   - Students interested in compiler theory and/or who are taking compiler
>     courses
> ==== Call for Participation and Speaker ====
>   We're looking for additional presenter to give us a talk about LLVM
> target backend or IR. If you're interesting in giving a talk about LLVM,
> please send a mail to Wei-Ren Chen <chenwj at iis.sinica.edu.tw> or
> Luba Tang <lubatang at gmail.com>.
> For more information, please visit the http://www.cgo.org/cgo2013 ,
> or the tutorial webpage http://code.google.com/p/mclinker/wiki/2013CGOTutorial
> - The CGO Tutorial on MCLinker and LLVM 2013 committee
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