[LLVMdev] Instruction Prefetching in llvm

陳韋任 (Wei-Ren Chen) chenwj at iis.sinica.edu.tw
Thu Dec 13 02:11:50 PST 2012

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 07:09:45PM -0500, aasheesh kolli wrote:
> HI,
> Has anyone ever implemented instruction prefetching with llvm? If so, on which
> architectures?

  Grep prefetch in lib/Target/* will show you ARM, X86, and PPC seems
have implemented prefetch instruction. LLVM provides prefetch intrinsic
[1] so that you can insert it in LLVM IR as a hint to code generator.
I guess you need to write a pass to lower the intrinsic call to your
target code.


[1] http://llvm.org/docs/LangRef.html#llvm-prefetch-intrinsic

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