[LLVMdev] PHI instructions without CopyFromReg/CopyToReg

Sandunmalee Abeyratne sabeyrat at umich.edu
Sat Dec 8 21:26:26 PST 2012

In my target I want to have mem-mem operations. But PHI instructions use
virtual registers and gets converted to a series of CopyFromReg and
CopyToReg instructions. These DAGs end up using physical registers.

My first approach was to spill the virtual register to force a mem-mem
operation. But I was unable to do this using LowerOperation() and
setOperationAction(ISD::CopyToReg, MVT::i32, Custom);

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Is there a way to modify either PHI instructions to not use CopyFromReg or
custom lower CopyFromReg?

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