[LLVMdev] Backends supporting multiple LLVM revisions...

Relph, Richard Richard.Relph at amd.com
Fri Dec 7 10:08:53 PST 2012

Is there a convention for how the LLVM community prefers to have conditional compilation in code intended to be checked in to llvm.org?

Our goal is a single code base that can support multiple LLVM revisions, including LLVM TOT. In the long run, of course, we'll simply be able to refer to the backend revision that corresponds to the revision of LLVM in use. If fixes between TOT and that older version are desired, cherry-picking from trunk will be required, of course.

But in the short run, that's not viable. We have to support a minimum of 3 different LLVM versions with our backend… LLVM TOT, the LLVM version used for AMD's OpenCL as shipped for Windows and Linux, and the LLVM version used for Apple's OpenCL as shipped for Mac OS… all different today and for the foreseeable future.

Between the time that we get AMDIL "in" to llvm.org and the time that the other platforms using AMDIL are up to the level of LLVM at that initial check-in, we'll need to have conditional code in AMDIL.


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