[LLVMdev] subclassing MCELFStreamer

Mario Guerra mariog at codeaurora.org
Thu Dec 6 11:24:41 PST 2012

> Subclassing MCELFStreamer is probably also necessary to implement mapping
> symbols on ARM ELF targets (see the current thread at
> http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.compilers.llvm.cvs/124737).
> Your refactoring patch on phabricator appears to be a functional subset of
the one
> I've posted (though obviously not textually identical). As a smaller
patch, it may be
> best to commit that first unless there are objections.

Thanks for your reply Tim. Reading through the thread, it would seem that
subclassing MCELFStreamer is not exactly desirable, but doable when
necessary. I'm going to follow this approach, unless anyone has any major


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