[LLVMdev] RFC: change BoundsChecking.cpp to use address-based tests

Nuno Lopes nunoplopes at sapo.pt
Tue Dec 4 14:30:52 PST 2012


> Could you provide a bit of background of the expected domains of Size and 
> Offset?  In particular, are they signed or unsigned integers?  A 
> non-negative size doesn't seem to make much sense in this context, but 
> depending on how it's calculated I could see it arising.  Is a zero Size 
> something that might arise here?  I'm assuming the Offset comes from an 
> arbitrary indexing expression and is thus a signed integer.

Ok, so we have the following:
 - Size is unsigned
 - Offset is signed  (in LLVM, like in C, offsets can be negative)
 - Offset can be < 0, but that's an error, since the offset is computed from 
the beginning of the object
 - Size can be zero

> By working through the cases, I've identified combinations of two 
> conditionals which should work if either a) Size is positive, or b) Size 
> and Offset are both signed integers.  Once I know which, if either, is 
> appropriate, I'll write it up with a full explanation of why I think it 
> works.  Then we can discuss.  If I'm right about the changed conditionals 
> working, I'd then write up a patch for submission.

We already optimize the case when Size is >= 0 (signed comparison). In this 
case we only do 2 comparisons.
The other case that is optimized is when Offset is a constant. We only do 2 
comparisons in that case as well.

Please send in your suggestions :)


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