[LLVMdev] Compiler-assembler from different models (clang++)

Berardino Carnevale diodino at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 03:12:10 PST 2012

I`m working with processor models. I´m using clang++ to preprocess and
compile my application stopping it (-S) before the assembler because I
would like to use a different assembler (it comes from another processor
model). It seems that the output assembly code is not compatible with the
assembler but I´M not sure about that. The errors are with @progbits, weak
and hidden sections. See below:

obj/main.o.s(1,63): '    .section
.text.__ZNSt3__120__vector_base_commonILb1EEC1Ev,"axG", at progbits,__ZNSt3__120__vector_base_commonILb1EEC1Ev,comdat'
obj/main.o.s(1,63): error:
'G", at progbits,__ZNSt3__120__vector_base_commonILb1EEC1Ev,comdat': Expected
<'a' 'w' 'x' 'M' or 's' flag> but found
'G", at progbits,__ZNSt3__120__vector_base_commonILb1EEC1Ev,comdat'


and also:

obj/main.o.s(2,2): '    .hidden
obj/main.o.s(2,2): error: '.hidden
__ZNSt3__120__vector_base_commonILb1EEC1Ev': Syntax Error




obj/main.o.s(3,2): '    .weak    __ZNSt3__120__vector_base_commonILb1EEC1Ev'
obj/main.o.s(3,2): error: '.weak
__ZNSt3__120__vector_base_commonILb1EEC1Ev': Syntax Error


My problem is also that I have only few information about the assembler
that comes from an hidden architecture.
What can I do? Do you have any ideas?

I would be grateful if can give me also some ideas to modify the compiler...
Thank you
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