[LLVMdev] Minimum Python Version

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Tue Dec 4 03:02:08 PST 2012

Gordon Keiser <gkeiser at arxan.com> writes:

> Slightly OT, 
> Last I checked (yesterday), Python has become a requirement for
> configuring with CMake, with a base LLVM (no clang, compiler-rt, etc)
> on Windows, with all tests / examples / tools disabled and only
> building llvm-core and X86/ARM targets.

Unless it changed *very* recently, LLVM tools are built by the default
target (`all') on Windows (both VS and Mingw). Tests should work out of
the box too. Examples are not built by default, but you can either add
them to the `all' target (with -DLLVM_BUILD_EXAMPLES=ON) or explictly
build them using its associated targets.

By default, only X86 (not ARM) is built on Windows, but you can change


Since yesterday, you twisted your memory quite a bit :-)

> If anyone knows whether python is actually needed here or just an
> artifact of the build system, it would be helpful.

Yes, Python is required by the LLVM CMake build. Possibly by the
configure&make build too (I'm not sure, but the plan was for that build
to depend on Python too.) CMake doesn't *need* Python at all, the LLVM
CMake build worked without Python for years.

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