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I can create html, pdf and epub, then put them on 
The uvbook example as below can click the pdf link and pop up a download window while I cannot. The uvbook link is put on http://username.github.com/... while the "make gh-pages" put them on https://github.com/username/...  How can I have the download link like uvbook example?

A really good example of a book written with Sphinx is <https://github.com/nikhilm/uvbook>. Sphinx can then generate HTML <http://nikhilm.github.com/uvbook/index.html> or PDF <http://nikhilm.github.com/uvbook/An%20Introduction%20to%20libuv.pdf> 

My steps as follows,
1. I follow your one time procedure as follows,
2. make gh-pages (I modify file Makefile for my document name before do this)


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Let me explain how uvbook does it. They use a feature of github called
"github pages", which provides small static website hosting. The way
that github pages works is that you make a git branch `gh-pages` which
contains the generated HTML. They explain it better here
You can see how uvbook does it by looking at their makefile
<https://github.com/nikhilm/uvbook/blob/master/Makefile#L160>. It
should be easy to reuse.

I think that you should do this so that it is easy for anyone to read
the book without leaving their browser. That will mean that more
people read it and contribute.

-- Sean Silva

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 11:03 PM, Jonathan <gamma_chen at yahoo.com.tw> wrote:
> Sean,
> The `.. code-block:: bash` is work. Thank your information.
> Currently, I can put reStructuredText files on github. But, your example uvbook seems put the html and pdf on different github directory. Do you put html and pdf on github with version control?
> Jonathan
> On 2012/12/3, at 上午7:43, Sean Silva <silvas at purdue.edu> wrote:
>> It looks like things are going well.
>> One suggestion. Instead of using `.. literalinclude::` for displaying
>> the terminal sessions, you can use `.. code-block:: bash` instead. The
>> reason that uvbook uses `.. literalinclude` is that they are showing
>> parts of real compilable programs. If you just want to show a snippet
>> of code or terminal snippet, you can use `.. code-block::` and avoid
>> having lots of little files.
>> -- Sean Silva
>> On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 10:43 AM, Jonathan <gamma_chen at yahoo.com.tw> wrote:
>>> Sean,
>>> By try, I seems realize the github.com is free for register. So, just ignore my last mail.
>>> Anoushe,
>>> You can register with email and get an account on
>>> https://github.com/
>>> I have put the our document reStructuredText on git.hub.com. You can clone it without register.
>>> After you get an account and I add it to collaborators, then you can do check in with our project as follows,
>>> https://github.com/Jonathan2251/lbd.git
>>> Jonathan
>>> On 2012/11/29, at 下午7:13, Sean Silva <silvas at purdue.edu> wrote:
>>>>> I am happy to introduce Anoushe, my llvm backend documentation work helper for English and edit.
>>>> Awesome! Great to see people helping out. Thank you both for working on this.
>>>>> Is it possible, me and Anoushe can get a git free space and access right for the reStructuredText files (include .png pictures) of me and Anoushe create in future? If not allowed. Can we hand over the reStructuredText files, and put to git server through you?
>>>> I would suggest that you create a git repository on github. LLVM
>>>> itself does not have any git servers except for hosting the SVN
>>>> mirror.
>>>> If you want, I can setup a git repository and give you access if you
>>>> think it would be easier that way. Just tell me what seems easiest for
>>>> you.
>>>> -- Sean Silva
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