[LLVMdev] What CCAssignToXXXWithShadow means?

Anton Korobeynikov anton at korobeynikov.info
Fri Sep 23 04:43:51 PDT 2011


>  I think ecx and xmm0 are physical different registers (not like ecx
> and cx), right? So why we cannot use xmm0 while ecx has been used? Is
> it just a rule or there are some considerations behind it?
Yes. Due to way how varargs stuff is implemented. You always have data
in, say, general-purpose regs regardless of whether it's floating
point or integer.

>  If we assign to R0, then R0 is marked occupied. Is it a redundant
> statement?
Here - yes. Just to make sure alignment works.

>  If you can point me to some reference aboue "register alignment", I'll
> be very appreciate it. Does register alignment bring benefit? In other
> word, why register alignment is needed?
This is documented in AAPCS ABI.

>  So the word "shadow" on http://www.heyrick.co.uk/assembler/regs.html
> means different thing, hugh?
Yes. Here "shadow" is Microsoft term.

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