[LLVMdev] Need help in converting int to double

James Molloy James.Molloy at arm.com
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Hi Sarath,

If you can only hold doubles (not integers), and you originally converted the doubles to integers to do an integer shift, why can you not just convert the result back to a double using CreateFPToSI ?

CreateFPToSI(CreateShr(CreateSIToFP(arg0), CreateSIToFP(arg1)))



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     I'm pursuing M.Tech course. As a part of the project work i'm using LLVM as back-end. My project area is "Enhancing the performance of V8 javascript engine using LLVM as a back-end".

    Now i'm writing code for shift left(SHL) operator. I had my own Value Structure .. it's like this

Struct Value
void *val  ;
char type;

  The "char type" holds DoubleType,DoubleConst,StringType,StringConst...

  when i'm executing the IrBuilder.CreateShl(LHS,RHS) instruction it is returning an integer value as output.. i'm unable to store the value in my structure....(because my structure can hold Doubles,Strings).

  Is there any way to store the integer output in my structure( i used CreateSIToFP() to change int to double)........

Thanks in advance


  (¨`·.·´¨)¸.·´ Sarath!!!

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