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neda 8664 neda8664 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 23:19:35 PDT 2011

I am MSc student and my thesis subject is   "parallelization of sequential
program in thread level to run on multi-core processors". I want
automatically parallelize sequential program in thread level to run on
multi-core processors with software pipelining.

I've use LLVM to code analysis and translate code to IR, I could extract PDG
graph form IR code and convert it to SCCDAG and  partition DAGSCC  considering
 with  my  criteria.  In next step I could recognize  position of
communications between partitions.

But for final step and code  generation, I don't have any idea and
information to assign partitions  and communications to threads.  and I stop
in this position. Unfortunately I don’t  have enough time and I am under
force to complete the project.

Can you help me and do you know tools or references that can help me in
short time.

 thank  you for your attention and I wish you a good times.

Best  regards

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