[LLVMdev] sincos functions

Suresh Purini suresh.purini at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 04:56:46 PDT 2011


  I was trying to compare the performance of icc, gcc and llvm on the
program almabench.c in Coyote Benchmark suite. Here is a line of code
from the program.

 da   = da + (ca[np][k] * cos(arga) + sa[np][k] * sin(arga)) * 0.0000001;

gcc and icc are performing way better than llvm as they are using
'sincos' library function to compute the sin and the cos of the
argument in a single shot. However llvm is computing sin and cos

Is there any compiler option which can enable the code generator to
use 'sincos' function against 'sin' and 'cos' functions seperately.


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