[LLVMdev] git Status Update?

David Greene dag at cray.com
Thu Sep 1 14:27:28 PDT 2011

Have we made any progress on a potential git conversion?  AFAIK the only
outstanding technical issue is the monotonic revision number question.
Personally, I have no nead for them but others have expressed
reservation about losing them.

Can we have a discussion about that to identify the core tasks currently
needing monotnic revision numbers and how they might be accomplished
under git?  Otherwise I fear we will be forever stuck in the waiting

I also know that there is a time/resource issue in actually making the
transition.  Some group of people needs to do the work.  Has there been
any progress in identifying who those people are?  Any volunteers?  I'll
put my name in the hat to do whatever mundane work I can do to help the
process along.  All assuming we actually make the transition, of course.


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