[LLVMdev] llvmc: Can't find program 'llvm-g++'

Himanshu Shekhar imhimanshu91 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 04:22:55 PDT 2011

I am getting this error while using the command "llvmc -O3 -Wall hello.cpp"
where hello.cpp is some cpp file on my machine. llvmc is the driver calling
a bunch of tools like llvm-g++, opt, llc etc. I think the llvmc tool could
not probably locate the llvm-g++ tool. I would like to know where should I
specify the path to llvm-g++ for llvmc to find them. Also can someone give
me the link to some tutorial on llvmc because i couldn't find it on
llvm.orgwebpage. My llvmc is in /llvm/tools/llvmc. While llvm-g++ is

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