[LLVMdev] Release Notes: Volunteers needed

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
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On Oct 27, 2011, at 5:37 PM, Michael Price wrote:

> Has there been much thought of attempting to automate this process?  I could imagine a fairly standard script that scrubbed a history for interesting tidbits.  Of course a standard methodology for labeling types of commits would help this in the future.
> A very simple script could at least do unique word counts and throw out words that match a dictionary (like parts of speech, contributer names, etc.).  A more complex script could retain "links" back to the commits that contained certain words in case you wanted more information.

Hi Michael,

I don't see any reasonable way that this can be automated.  The script would either miss a bunch of really important things or get a ton of not very useful stuff.  I'm open to suggestions of course and proof to the contrary though! :-)


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> We need some volunteers to help with the 3.0 release notes. Traditionally, Chris has been the one to go through all the commits (6 months worth!) and come up with a concrete list of things that have changed in 3.0. Ideally, its much better if this document is incrementally updated as well, but we know how that goes. This is a huge amount of work and with the pace that LLVM/Clang are being developed, its a big task and becoming too much for one person.
> We need some volunteers from both the Clang and LLVM communities to help with the release notes. This would involve going through the commits (on both LLVM and Clang side) and coming up with the list of features/important changes. Please send mail to me if you are interested in helping. The time frame for this would be end of Phase 2 testing (November 6th). Chris would of course be helping review this and give suggestions on how to go about this task. It may be also worthwhile to start a separate Clang release notes..
> Thanks,
> Tanya
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