[LLVMdev] LLVM JIT on a Baremetal x86 Machine !!!

Mian M. Hamayun mian-muhammad.hamayun at imag.fr
Wed Oct 26 06:11:41 PDT 2011

Dear All,

I have tested a few examples of LLVM-JIT Framework on Linux x86 Machine.
So generating functions on the fly and then executing them is OK on 
linux i.e. i686-pc-linux-gnu

My question is:

Can we use the LLVM-JIT on a baremetal x86 machine ? Actually my target 
is a virtual machine, and I need some dynamic code generation support. I 
intend to use LLVM-JIT (if possible) for this purpose.

Furthermore if it is possible, then how much effort would be required ? 
And where should I start looking for doing this kind of port.

Thanks for your help.

Grenoble, France.

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