[LLVMdev] Optimization for size

Renato Golin rengolin at systemcall.org
Fri Oct 21 04:53:17 PDT 2011

On 20 October 2011 08:15, Don Quixote de la Mancha
<quixote at dulcineatech.com> wrote:
> It happened all the time that a game's executable size would get down
> to just a few bytes over 1 kb.  Despite their best efforts, the coders
> could never get their executable to 1 kb or less, because doing so
> would break the hard-coded timing loops.  I understand that some
> coders would go insane as a result.

My father had the same problems in some old machines (in the 70's),
where the only thing available (at all) was 2k or RAM. So they had to
split bigger programs in chunks of 2k and serialize the results in
tape (that took minutes to write, and could take hours to find/read).
There were some quirks to make it much faster, though, but I don't
remember the details...

Of course, there's no such thing as a compiler in these cases... ;)



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