[LLVMdev] ANN: libclc (OpenCL C library implementation)

Pekka Jääskeläinen pekka.jaaskelainen at tut.fi
Fri Oct 21 00:51:53 PDT 2011

On 10/21/2011 06:28 AM, Marc J. Driftmeyer wrote:
> I was hoping you would come to the collaborative, joint solution. I've been
> waiting for Clang to have a settled OpenCL implementation to start working on
> OpenCL.

We at pocl are looking forward for the German code to be released as it seems
to be closest to our interests of providing a performance portable OpenCL
implementation. Hopefully there will be some co-operation with that.

Meanwhile we keep on working on our code base to make it fulfill our research
goals in the TCE project, e.g. add multithreading at WG level, more
flexible work item parallelization options, more API functions to run
more benchmarks, etc.

> Dealing with 3 parallel projects would be just that, a pain in the rear.

Just pick your favorite and contribute. I'm sure there will be merging of
efforts at some point and your work doesn't go wasted.


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