[LLVMdev] Missing Configure Checks

shea at shealevy.com shea at shealevy.com
Thu Oct 20 07:01:13 PDT 2011

> On Oct 20, 2011, at 3:13 AM, Shea Levy wrote:
>> Hello,
>> The llvm 2.9 configure script fails to check for groff, causing a
>> failure very late in the game when building man pages, and, on OSX,
>> sw_vers. I'll try to write a patch for this myself, but autoconf is
>> largely black magic to me so I thought I'd throw this out there in case
>> someone more experienced in this stuff wants to fix this.
> What OSX are you on that doesn't have groff or sw_vers?

The missing groff check was found on my Linux box, and on both my OSX and
Linux box I use a package/build manager (nix [0]) that, among other
things, performs each build essentially in a chroot containing only the
dependencies you explicitly tell it to contain. Usually when adding a new
package I add dependencies one by one as different configure steps fail,
and these two just failed later.

[0]: http://nixos.org/nix/

> Regards,
> -Jim

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