[LLVMdev] LLC ARM Backend maintainer

James Molloy James.Molloy at arm.com
Mon Oct 17 02:05:12 PDT 2011

Also, was this with binutils-gold?

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On 10/17/2011 09:20 AM, Pawel Wodnicki wrote:
> My first ARM testing results or lack of them indicate
> that 3.0 release requires some some beefy machines to build.
> It is not so much raw cpu speed but memory and lots of it.
> My builds got to linking llc and at that point linker started
> eating megabytes of memory like chocolate.
> So sadly chumbys, beagleboards, iThingis(?), Raspberry Pis, Gumstix
> and even inexpensive Tegra2 boards seem to be out of contention
> and relegated to target testing.
> Based on my observations minimum memory required to build LLVM-3.0
> seems to be 768MB to 1GB of RAM plus a 1.2+ GB of free disk space
> for one kind of build.
> NVIDIA has some tegra2 boards with 1GB but for their prices one can
> get 3 tegra2 based trim-slice-pros.
> Pawel

You might want to try an --enable-shared build. This should not need
this expensive final linking.

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