[LLVMdev] undefined symbol: _ZN4llvm12PassRegistry12registerPassERKNS_8PassInfoEb

Ryan Taylor ryta1203 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 08:08:53 PDT 2011

Has anyone seen this error before? I'm trying to load a pass that apparently
isn't registered, it's just the "Hello World" sample , so I don't see the


me at here:~/llvm/llvm_core/llvm-2.9$ opt -load Release/lib/LLVMHello.so -hello
<cdfg.c> /dev/null
Error opening 'Release/lib/LLVMHello.so': Release/lib/LLVMHello.so:
undefined symbol: _ZN4llvm12PassRegistry12registerPassERKNS_8PassInfoEb
  -load request ignored.
opt: Unknown command line argument '-hello'.  Try: 'opt -help'
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