[LLVMdev] Error trying to register a pass

Ryan Taylor ryta1203 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 08:59:50 PDT 2011

~/llvm/llvm_core/llvm-2.9$ opt -load ../llvm-2.9/Release/lib/LLVMHello.so
-hello cdfg.c
Error opening '../llvm-2.9/Release/lib/LLVMHello.so':
../llvm-2.9/Release/lib/LLVMHello.so: undefined symbol:
  -load request ignored.
opt: Unknown command line argument '-hello'.  Try: 'opt -help'

I'm getting the above error, I'm unable to register this pass and use it.
There is very little information about this error on the net, any ideas?
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