[LLVMdev] llvm-objdump related patch

Neo smtian at ingenic.cn
Tue Oct 11 00:15:25 PDT 2011

     I am new to llvm, not familiar with c++, after some use with 
llvm-objdump, and finding the broken output, I try to debug and fix the 
code so it can become usable. Please help review the patch, so that they 
can be merged.
     And there's still two major problem I have found about arm 
1. arm instruction decoder cannot recognise bx series instructions.
2. As gcc will generate thumb and arm instruction mixed binary, we have 
to switch from each other.
we can tell if a function is thumb or arm code by looking at the symbol 
table entry, when in thumb code, the lowest bit of the symbol value will 
be set to '1'.
so how these logic can be implemented while still adapt to the structure 
of the code?


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