[LLVMdev] svnsync of llvm tree

Oliver Schneider gmane at assarbad.net
Thu Oct 6 03:02:04 PDT 2011

On 2011-08-29 04:21, Kurt Lidl wrote:
> While I agree bootstrapping a new mirror from scratch is time and
> resource consuming, this can be largely avoided by making a seed
> of the svn tree available.  (Basically, I think that looks like
> a compressed tar file of the svn repository.)  Or, a svnadmin dump
> of the repo could be made available for the adventurous.
Having the same problem as Kurt, I'd like to second his request for a
seed file. The dump seems the more sensible approach, although the tar
will work as well under most circumstances.

Some insight on how FreeBSD does it, can be found here:


Such a seed would have to be updated every now an then, but not too often.

rsync would be another alternative, which I have been using to clone
some repos from SF.net for some time now. They offer this option for
backup purposes.

> I was under the impression that the overhead to synsync a mirror
> of a complete svn repository wasn't too great.  svnsync keeps track
> of the last revision in a repo that it has successfully fetched,
> and after that, will only ever request the changes newer than that.
Indeed, it does.

>> However, we have official git mirrors of most of the projects on
>> llvm.org, would using them instead of svnsync be an option for you?
> Well, if the authoritative source code control system for all the
> llvm projects is svn, I'd just as soon use svn as the tool at my end.  
The git mirrors only contain what's in trunk in the SVN repos.

// Oliver

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