[LLVMdev] MCELFStreamer subclassing

Carter, Jack jcarter at mips.com
Mon Nov 14 17:50:21 PST 2011

I need to create a subclass that derives from MCELFStreamer.

We use MCELFStreamer for direct object generation and need to override a virtual method in the base class MCStreamer::EmitGPRel32Value().

I have been having trouble creating the subclass due to #include issues. I can't seem to get it right at the lib/target/<my target>/MCTargetDesc level. My first thought is always that I am doing something wrong and that may still be the issue, but it is suspicious that no one has subclassed MCELFStreamer yet.

Am I missing something obvious or is this class in need of header file reorganization?

Any constructive suggestion is welcome. I need to get my gp relative data relocations generated :-)

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