[LLVMdev] debugger doesn't go inside the bitecode file

Himanshu Shekhar imhimanshu91 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 12:08:22 PDT 2011

I am using gdb to debug the -instcount pass. The steps I followed were:
1. gdb opt
2. break llvm::PassManager::run
3. run -stats -analyze -instcount filename.bc

I got the bc file using -emit-llvm option as following: llvm-gcc -O3
-emit-llvm filename.c -c -o filename.bc
But when I started debugging, the debugger never really went into my
bitecode file, filename.bc and it returned me the statistics regarding
different number of instructions. I am wondering how it did all those
calculations without even going into the bitecode file?

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