[LLVMdev] How to make X86FastISel generate code for some intrinsic functions

Cuong Pham phamcuongbk at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 16:55:48 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I want to use Fast Instruction Selection for my X86 back-end. However, my
code often uses these two intrinsic functions: x86_sse_movmsk_ps and
x86_sse2_pcmpeq_d, which are not supported yet by X86FastISel.

Could you guys please show me how to add support for this two Intrinsics?
Pointing out one example would be great, I can follow to implement others.

I just know that I need to modify X86FastISel::X86VisitIntrinsicCall(const
IntrinsicInst &), but not sure what needed here :).

Thank you in advance!

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