[LLVMdev] LLVM-based address sanity checker

Kostya Serebryany kcc at google.com
Thu Jun 16 12:57:28 PDT 2011

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 11:30 PM, Renato Golin <rengolin at systemcall.org>wrote:

> On 16 June 2011 20:20, Kostya Serebryany <kcc at google.com> wrote:
> > Not hard at all.
> > At some point the file had no asm at all, but using the custom asm allows
> to
> > make the generated code more compact.
> That should also be simple for other platforms...

> > My first attempt that used no asm required ~15 bytes of code.
> > Note, this code is executed only once, so it affects the performance very
> > slightly (through icache size).
> I see, maybe you could leave your C implementation as a fall back.
Not easy, because it will require a fallback code in the run time library.
But yes, possible.

> > Alas. It will grow even more when we add MacOS support.
> > (currently, only tiny tests work on Mac).
> I saw a few APPLE macros.


> I think that's the part that needs most
> care, since multi-platform (os/arch/etc) could bloat that
> considerably.

Agree. We've been adding APPLE code just recently. Time to split.
I afraid we'll have to keep a single .cc file and add .h files for os/arch
specific code to keep inlining under manual control (I don't want to reply
on the compiler doing cross-cc-file inlining for me).


> cheers,
> --renato
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