[LLVMdev] llvm-link Patch

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 18:55:12 PDT 2011

On 2011-07-29 16:16, Gregory Malecha wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm working on a project that involves archive files and since llvm-link
> does not currently support them, I have a simple patch (attached) to add
> this functionality. It isn't really efficient (it recomputes the set of
> symbols that need to be linked in after each link), and it probably has
> some problems with append linkage, but so far it has been enough for me.
> I'd like to clean this up and commit it back to llvm. Would someone like
> to tell me how to proceed?

llvm-link is a very simple developer's tool. Can you use llvm-ld or a
system linker that supports LLVM IL?

> Thanks.


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