[LLVMdev] "Cannot select" error in 2.9

Nick Lewycky nicholas at mxc.ca
Sat Jul 30 18:13:12 PDT 2011

Gregory Junker wrote:
>> Actually, it was new in *2.6*, which was released almost two years
>> ago. It's documented here:
>> <http://llvm.org/releases/2.6/docs/ReleaseNotes.html#coreimprovements>.
> Interesting -- then I guess my question is why 2.8 (which is the first version of LLVM I've used) didn't flag this?
> Either way, it makes sense and changing my API usage to call CreateFAdd instead of CreateAdd fixes this.

For a while, we kept some API backwards compatibility magic in place 
which would forward creations of adds into creations of fadds.


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