[LLVMdev] git

FlyLanguage flylanguage at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 15:56:22 PDT 2011

>> Have you considered mercurial?
> Please lets not go there.
> I have to use mercurial form time to time in another project and it is
> really painful. I use hg<->git bridge as often as possible, but it
> doesn't work as well as the git<->svn one.
> Cheers,
> Rafael

Ahh, the joy of anectodal evidence.

I'll add one too: I use bot Git and Hg in numerous projects, and they 
are both stable and fast DVCS's and have great communities.

Any one of those two blows svn out of the water in so many ways, and 
either choice will work great (bridged or not.)

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