[LLVMdev] git

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Thu Jul 28 15:51:59 PDT 2011

greened at obbligato.org (David A. Greene) writes:


> In addition, the dcommit produces a history divorced from that in the
> git mirror because by definition the hash produced in the git-svn mirror
> is different from the hash produced when you committed the change
> locally.  This is so because you had to do a rebase before the dcommit.
> Thus on subsequent updates from master, it is not unusual to see
> conflicts in code you just dcommitted.
> I don't know whether Mercurial handles this better but I don't see how
> it possibly could given svn's limitations.  But then I am a DVCS newbie.
> :)

bzr-svn handles that case by setting properties on the svn revisions
with the revision ids of the changes you sent upstream. So if you and
your coworker have the same revisions, you push to svn and then your
coworker pulls from svn, there will be no problem because bzr will
identify the revisions pulled from svn as the same it already had.

The problem with the enforced linear history is still there,
though. Apart from that, I don't recommend bzr where git is available.

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