[LLVMdev] git

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Thu Jul 28 15:40:21 PDT 2011

Bob Wilson <bob.wilson at apple.com> writes:

>>> It's a little awkward to set up a new repo that pulls from the git
>>> mirrors and also lets you use git-svn dcommit to push back, but that's
>>> a minor nuisance AFAICT.
>> No to people who use git regularly, it isn't.  git-svn imposes all sorts
>> of restrictions on what kind of commits it wants to see and the git user
>> ends up having to work around them.  Things that are trivial with git
>> (merges) become more complicated with git-svn.  This in turn
>> fundamentally changes how git can be used by the developer.
> Sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about.  I use git
> exclusively for all my llvm development, and I make extensive use of
> branches and merging.  I haven't had any problems related to git-svn.

Exactly, you have no idea what he is talking about :-)

The problem with git-svn is that once a revision is sent from git to
svn, it comes back with a different identity (revision-id) so for git it
is a new reivision. That's a PITA (or rebase hell, to be more
descriptive) if you have branches containing the original revisions plus
some others on top of them and later you want to merge svn's mainline
into them. Variations of that scenario are to be expected on a team that
contributes chunks of changes upstream but keep other changes internally
or in development phase.

git-svn works well if you are working on mutually independent features,
one feature per branch.

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