[LLVMdev] [PATCH][RFC] upgrade to googletest 1.6.0 (was Re: Build of latest llvm gives warning and error)

Jay Foad jay.foad at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 02:46:40 PDT 2011

>>> yes, they are annoying aren't they.  They all come from google's unittest
>>> library.  I think it is best to fix them upstream at google.
>> We're using googletest 1.5.0. These warnings seem to be fixed in
>> 1.6.0, so here's a patch to upgrade us. Disclaimer: I've only tested
>> this by doing "make check-all" on Linux/x86_64.
>> Incidentally, the upgrade would have been much easier if we weren't
>> carrying local changes to support Haiku OS and Minix. Can these be
>> pushed upstream (or thrown away if no-one is using them)?
> thanks for doing this.  I vote that we throw Haiku and Minix support away.
>  If
> the Haiku and Minix people want googletest to support these platforms I
> think
> we should insist that support should go upstream first (and we would then
> pull
> the fixes from upstream).

I've committed the upgrade to 1.6.0.

I've kept Haiku and Minix support for now (since I'd already done the
merge work), but emailed the relevant parties to try to get them to
push the patches upstream.


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