[LLVMdev] XOR optimization

Daniel Nicácio dnicacios at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 18:25:52 PDT 2011

Hi folks,

I couldn't find a specific XOR (OR and AND) optimization on llvm, and
therefore I am about to implement it.
But first I would like to check with you guys that it really does not exist.

For a simple loop like this:

nbits = 128;
bit_addr = 0;
 bindex=bit_addr>>5;     /* Index is number /32 */
bitnumb=bit_addr % 32;  /* Bit number in longword */

The -O3 set of optimizations generates a code like this:

  br label %while.body

while.body:                                       ; preds = %while.body,
  %0 = phi i32 [ 0, %entry ], [ %inc.3, %while.body ]
  %shr = lshr i32 %0, 5
  %rem = and i32 %0, 28
  %shl = shl i32 1, %rem
  %arrayidx = getelementptr inbounds i32* %bitmap, i32 %shr
  %tmp6 = load i32* %arrayidx, align 4
  %xor = xor i32 %tmp6, %shl
  %rem.1 = or i32 %rem, 1
  %shl.1 = shl i32 1, %rem.1
  %xor.1 = xor i32 %xor, %shl.1
  %rem.2 = or i32 %rem, 2
  %shl.2 = shl i32 1, %rem.2
  %xor.2 = xor i32 %xor.1, %shl.2
  %rem.3 = or i32 %rem, 3
  %shl.3 = shl i32 1, %rem.3
  %xor.3 = xor i32 %xor.2, %shl.3
  store i32 %xor.3, i32* %arrayidx, align 4
  %inc.3 = add i32 %0, 4
  %exitcond.3 = icmp eq i32 %inc.3, 128
  br i1 %exitcond.3, label %while.end, label %while.body

while.end:                                        ; preds = %while.body
  ret void

It is clear that we are able to fold all XORs into a single XOR, and the
same happens to all SHLs and ORs.
I am using -O3, but the code is not optimized, so I am assuming there is no
optimization for this case. Am I correct?

If yes, I have a few other questions:

 - Do you know of any other similar optimization that could do something
here but is not being triggered for some reason??
 - Do you know why a OR instruction is used for increments? instead of using
a INC or ADD?
 - Is there a straight forward way to know if an instruction belongs to a
loop? (just curiosity)

Thanks very much

Daniel Nicacio
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