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Mon Jul 25 08:52:12 PDT 2011

On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 6:35 AM, Garrison Venn <gvenn.cfe.dev at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Talin,
> On Jul 25, 2011, at 1:59, Talin wrote:
> > So far I'm really liking the new type system -- I've been able to
> simplify my code generator in a number of areas. And the IR is now vastly
> more readable, both in the debugger (using dump()) and when printing modules
> via llvm-dis. It's a tremendous improvement.
> >
> > I do have a few comments / questions:
> >
> > -- I think I may be misunderstanding how named structs are supposed to be
> combined in the linker. Say we have a type that is defined in two modules
> with the same name, however in one of the modules the type is abstract and
> in the other module it has a body. The behavior I would expect is that it
> would merge the two definitions, so that now you have one type with a body.
> However, instead what I am getting is a lot of renamed types -
> %tart.reflect.NameTable.3562 and so on. This is puzzling, as I shouldn't
> have any renamed types in my modules at all.
> >
> From an implementation perspective at least:
> The named struct types are stored in the context. As soon as you create a
> new
> StructType with the same name it will instead name your new "StructType" to
> new name
> as above. I believe you instead need to pull the "old" named struct type
> from the
> context, and then set the body or just reference it. Since your modules are
> sharing
> the the same context, your issue is manifesting itself.
> I guess I wasn't clear. I'm talking about two bitcode files which I then
feed into llvm-ld. None of my code is involved at this point.

I should mention that I'm seeing these renamed types in the debugger -
because of the other issue I mentioned (abort in BitReader) I haven't
actually seen what the merged output looks like.

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